Creating a Search Classifier

Classifiers are Natural Language Classifiers that are used to predict the value of fields based on the input of a string field. They are also used to define tables used by Sofi Intelligent Search.

Search Classifiers define the configuration of a search index. Sofi includes a pre-configured Search Classifier which includes all published ServiceNow Knowledge Base articles.

The configuration includes the followings parameters.

Defining a Classifier

Perform the following steps to create or modify a prediction classifier.

  1. Navigate to Sofi > Classifiers and Select New
  2. Configure the following fields:


The mandatory fields that must be configured are:

Name: Unique name of Classifier
Table: Which table will the Classifier be applied
Type: For Search Classifiers the Type will be "Knowledge"
Search Fields: The fields on the knowledge articles that will be searched (indexed)
Classification fields: The fields will be fixed to Number for Search Classifiers

The table below provides a list of all of the parameters on a Search Classifier Record.

NameUnique name of the Classifiereg Incident
TableTable the classifier reads data fromeg incident
StatusStatus values of the classifier:Read Only field. Primarily to indicate the status of training
TypeClassifiers are used for Intelligent Prediction, Search and Response.For Prediction Classifiers, set Type - Knowledge
DescriptionDescription of the classifier
RestrictionUse this condition builder to restriction / define the source records that will be used to training the Classifier.For example, you may only want knowledge articles where the Workflow = Published
Search fieldsThe fields on the Knowledge articles the are indexedeg Short description, Text, Meta
Classification fieldsThe field value that will be returned by the searchOn Search Classifiers this is set to Number
Training StartThe date / time that the Classifier most recent training started.
Training EndThe date / time that the Classifier most recent training started.

Advanced Configuration

The following section details some of the advanced configuration options for a Classifier.


Sofi Classier Advanced Configuration

Classifier Filters

Classifier Filters allow you to define criteria for improving the relevancy of the classifier results. A classifier filter uses information on the current record, such as Location, to restrict the training data taken into account by the classifier.

Filter fieldClassifier uses these fields on the record to filter the results
Filter source fieldsClassifier uses the Filter source fields to identify the data source used by the Filter field.

Other fields

Data analytic fieldsUsed to collect additional information for data analysis.Internal use only, please leave blank.
Request parametersInternal use only, please leave blank.
Result processorInternal use only, please leave blank.

Training a Search Classifier

Before Sofi can be used we need train the models, this is done by navigating to the ServiceNow menu Sofi > Configuration > Classifiers. Select the Classifier and then click on the Train Classifier link at the bottom of the form.


ServiceNow will request confirmation to start the training process, select Ok to start. The duration depends on a number of factors and can take between 20 minutes and a few hours. The Classifier provides a Status field indicating the current state allowing you to confirm when training is complete. Once completed, the Training End field will be populated. Note that during Training, the classifier will still make predictions however the results may be inconsistent.


Estimated Training Duration

As a guide, 100,000 may take 20 mins. 500,000 may take 2 hours. 1,000,000 records may take 4-5 hours.