Intelligent Response

Sofi can provide Service Agents with suggested responses to customers and other agents that may accelerate the logging and resolution of calls.

Leveraging standard ServiceNow Templates, Sofi can predict the most appropriate templates to suggest to the operator based on where and when that have been used when similar issues have presented.

Whilst the templates would typically be configured with response content for Comments or Work Notes, they could also be configured to set any fields on the target table.

As with Intelligent Prediction, Sofi can apply this same predictive service to calls received out-of-band via email or system integration generated calls.


Intelligent Response

1. Configuring a Response Classifier

Intelligent Response requires a Sofi Template Classifier (a Classifier with Type set to Template). The template classifier is not installed by default because it requires dictionary changes to the target table (eg. Incident or Task)


Create a Template Reference Field

Prior to creating a Response (Template) Classifier you must first create a template reference field on you target table (eg Incident).


Creating a Template Reference field

NameUnique identifier for classifier
Tablethe table that the classifier would be triggered from
TypeType of ClassifierSelect Template
Link KnowledgeNot used on Template Classifiers
RestrictionUsed to filter the Templates applicable to this Classifier.
Search FieldInput Field for SearchTypically Short Description
Classification FieldReference fieldSelect newly created 'Template' reference field.