Expert Assist

Sofi Expert Assist adds a conversational assistant to the Sofi Service Agent Assistant (SAA) interface to provide guidance to Service Agents on how to resolve certain tasks.

When a trigger condition is met, typically an Intent match on the contents of the Short Description field, Sofi Expert Assist will appear on the Sofi user interface.


Selecting the Expert Assist icon, will open the Sofi Virtual Agent interface with an active flow (as defined in the Dialog Manager.

Sofi Expert Assist can interact with the active ServiceNow record, setting fields and triggering UI Actions.


Sofi Expert Assist Triggers

Sofi Expert Assist Flows as initiated by by defining a Trigger on the Sofi Prediction Classifier record.

2564 2594
NameThe name of the trigger
OrderDefines the order the trigger will execute if there are multiple triggers.
ClassifierThe name of the Prediction Classifier this Trigger relates to.
ConditionThe condition that must be meet in order for this trigger to execute.
Use Default UtteranceTrue / False
If True, the trigger will use the default utterance value (Utterance (default) to pass to the Sofi NLU Model to trigger the flow.

Use this option if you want to force a particular flow to be selected by the NLU Model when the condition for this trigger is met.
Utterance (default)The value to pass to the Sofi NLU Model to trigger the flow.
Utterance fieldThe field on the table that will be used as the value to pass to the Sofi NLU Model to trigger a flow.
Cancel on ReverseIf checked, the flow will be canceled when the Condition is not true.

Flow Continuation

There are frequent situations where Sofi Expert Assist flows may ask the operator to perform an action or validate something that cannot be performed immediately. In this situation, the agent may wish to return to a previous conversation when a caller returns (or when a record is reopened).

Sofi Expert Assist provides support for this situation be using the Continuation Point element within the Dialog Manager Flow Elements.


A Continuation Point allows you to define a point in a conversation (flow) where you need the customer to 'go away' to perform some task with the expectation they will return to the flow at some later point.

The Continuation Point allows you to define the point in the flow the user will return to when they return to this active conversation. By default, (if you do not connect the output branch), the flow will return to the element immediately prior to to the Continuation Point.

Alternatively, you can connect the output of the Continuation Point to any other element to define the point whether the conversation will continue.

Tracking and triggering an active conversation

ServiceNow tracks and initiates an active conversation by recording the Conversation ID of a flow on a target ServiceNow form (eg Incident form). For example you may create a new field on the Task / Incident table called u_sofi_conversation, then use the Set Conversation field name parameter above to copy the Conversation ID to this field.

A UI Action can then be created on the ServiceNow to 'continue' the conversation at some point. The example UI Action below creates a UI Action Form Button to trigger the continuation of a flow. You can use this to test the continuation of a flow. You can then create an OnLoad script to perform this based on your requirements.

function doSofiConversationCheck() {
	var conversationID = g_form.getValue("u_sofi_conversation");

	if (conversationID != "") {
		saa.continueConversation(g_form.getValue("u_sofi_conversation"), { force: true });